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John Bingham Fourteenth Amendment Quotes

I want to mark John A. Bingham’s belated January 21 birthday with some of his most significant quotes from 1866 thru 1875 I have come across over the years from such sources as Congressional Globe, House Reports, public speeches and letters. Some will be an eye opener since they are so contrary to what scholars […]

Would CA Driver Licenses to Illegal Aliens be Valid in Another State?

Q: Gil Cedillo, a California legislator has introduced a bill to authorize the issue of driver’s licenses not compliant with the federal Real ID Act. They are intended for illegal aliens. My question is will other states be required to accept these as valid under the Full Faith and Credit clause, since they are meant […]

Supreme Court Makes Right Decision not to Hear Eminent Domain Case

The Supreme Court today announced that it would not consider an appeal over a Village of Port Chester, N.Y, in case involving all the hallmarks of extortion for money and property by a private developer and city. The most shocking thing about this case is not the fact the US Supreme Court refused to intervene, […]

Q: Do illegal-aliens count as ‘persons’ under the 14th amendment’s apportionment of representatives?

This is an interesting recurring question I get every once in a while and, unfortunately, been too occupied to answer. There has been talk to change “persons” under section 2 of the 14th amendment to read “citizens.” Michigan Republican Rep. Candice Miller introduced a constitutional amendment last year that would change the 14th amendment to […]