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How States & Nations Regulated their Commercial Intercourse

The Power Described The Regulating Power Sought Over Commerce with the States Commerce Defined Why Nations Regulate their Commercial Intercourse Why the Power among the States Why Congress Lacks Affirmative Powers over Interstate Commerce Confusing Marine Power with the Regulation of Commerce Conclusion The United States Supreme court tells us their “case law firmly establishes […]

Fight Obamacare with Truth, not Lawsuits (for now)

If you think fighting the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is a matter solely devoted to filing lawsuits you are deeply mistaken. The reason lawsuits will have little effect is because the entire judicial system is a house of cards built upon a foundation of fiction and lies the court is willing to jealousy […]

President Monroe’s Response to Obamacare

Excerpts from President Monroe’s Special Message on Internal Improvements, May 4, 1822: If, then, the right to raise and appropriate the public money is not restricted to the expenditures under the other specific grants, according to a strict construction of their powers respectively, is there no limitation to it? Have Congress a right to raise […]

What James Madison Might Well Tell Congress Today

James Madison Jr., House of Representatives, February 1792: I, sir, have always conceived–I believe those who proposed the Constitution conceived, and it is still more fully known, and more material to observe that those who ratified the Constitution conceived–that this is not an indefinite Government, deriving its power from the general terms prefixed to the […]